Hand Domination video

Watch here these exclusive Hand Domination video including Dominatrix Lilith! Today she is in a bitchy mood so she’s going to be rough on her slave. She has been instructed to keep his slave’s cock hard no matter what happens. The dominatrix loves causing pain, her gorgeous looks hides an evil spirit. During the video she alternates between smoking a cigarette and rubbing her eager wet pussy. Check out the entire video on handdomination.com right now and see this very hot and sexy tattooed and pierced babe as she gets to play around and have fun with that nice and big cock for the whole video today.

Lilith is one sexy babe and she always knows what a cock needs. To start things off, she gets naked and shows off that superb and sexy body of hers on camera for you to enjoy fully, and then she gets to work on that nice and big meat pole. Sit back and see her smoking her cigar as she gently starts to stroke and caress the cock, and see her working up momentum as she eventually jerks off the dude nice and hard. And of course he blows one load, and the sexy babe uses this opportunity to put off her cigar with his jizz. Enjoy seeing her making the guy cum multiple times in this scene today!

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Hand Domination – Erin and Heather video

Check out this Hand Domination movie including these two hotties. Although most of the guys dream about being with two girls at once, this dream can become a nightmare, if the girls are sadistic cock pirates. Erin and Heather bound the slave at the thighs, ankles and wrists. The girls deprived their slave of oxigen several times, taking turns on engulfing their buttholes’s and dripping wet pussies on the slave’s face. Watch the full video only on handdomination.com now and see these two naughty little ladies as they give this guy a nice and hard cock treatment for the whole afternoon today.

We know that you guys will just love seeing these two babes milking that huge cock, and you know the saying, the more the merrier. By the end of it all, this dude didn’t mind the harsh treatment anymore as the babes did just about everything else to him in addition to punishing his dick just like the cumshot loving babes from Rodney Moore. Like we said, you get to see these two cuties as they take turns to ride his cock and stroke it with their hands while they lick one another’s sweet pussies too. Sit back and watch them having the guy lick and eat out their cunts as well in this nice and hot video. We’ll see you soon with fresh content!

Hand Domination – Kriselle

Hand Domination cuttie Kriselle is completely drenched with oil and is showing off her amazing curves for you guys. She is using her size 10 feet on the small cock. The dual sensation ends, of course with a post orgasm milking and cum covering her teen toes. Enjoy this handdomination hottie doing her thing as she has all the fun that she wants with this submissive dude and his nice and big cock today. Sit back and watch the cutie as she gets to play with the dude’s cock as she gets all oiled, and see her having fun with the whole thing in today’s nice and fresh gallery. So let’s get started.

The name of this cute little babe is Kriselle and Kriselle here just adores having fun with big and hard cocks any day of the week. As the scene starts off you get to see the slutty little babe as she gets to oil up her whole nude perky body as she shows off her sizzling hot and luscious body shapes to you. Sit back and watch her getting a feel for that cock with her sexy feet, and see her giving the dude a nice and long foot job. She also uses her hands to stroke that shaft until he blows his jizz load and at the end you can see the cutie rubbing her sweet wet pussy as well!


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Little Lexi’s first adult experience

Hand Domination presents you Little Lexi in her first adult shooting. She was hoping that her boyfriend is waiting anxious for her at home to hear about her big day. But, instead there’s a jealous, insecure and abusive cock waiting. Lexi shows off what she does the best, an incredible hand job, taking her frustrations out on his helpless cock. This Handdomination handjob ended with a brutal post orgasm milking. Well what can we say, it serves the guy right since he’s so jealous all of the time on her. And this sexy blonde will show off just how much she care about his cock by taking care exclusively of it for this scene today.


Watch sexy miss Lexi as she ties up her boyfriend nicely, and then see her caressing and massaging his groin area as she wants to get the guy nice and hard. And she simply adores seeing her favorite cock in the world get nice and hard in her own little hands today. Sit back and enjoy seeing this blonde gorgeous little lady as she strokes that nice and big meat shaft with her expert little hands, and do come back next week for some more superb and fresh scenes. We can only hope that miss Lexi will be back with her man for another round of this kind of thing! Wanna see other lucky guys getting their big cocks jerked off? If you do, check out the big naturals blog and have fun watching some busty ladies offering amazing handjobs! See you next time!

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Hand Domination Gallery

This is much more than a Hand Domination Gallery. The handjob queen is taking advantage of the unguarded cock. The MILF Milker continued stroking the cumming cock till it became painful, extremely painful. Although her hands were covered in jizz she continued stroking and, of curse, slapping the cock. Enjoy the full gallery on handdomination.com now. You guys enjoyed our blondes this far, and you got to see this cute little babe before in our sweet little scenes. Today she makes a comeback and she does so in force with her superb and sexy gallery today. Let’s see this babe is action.

She got it on with this guy last night, and she wanted to make sure that she got some more of his cock in the morning. So while he was still sleeping, this cute babe wrapped him up and made sure that he couldn’t move anymore. She of course left a space open for his cock and as soon as he opened his eyes, this cutie jumped on top of him with her cunt. So watch her ride his cock cowgirl style once more more, and then see her stroking his cock as she stimulates her pussy with her vibrator. If you wanna see some busty babes showing off their impressive tits, enter the http://farangdingdong.net/ site! Today our chick had lots of fun, and since she did so heaven only knows when this babe will let the guy go.


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Hand Domination – Dallas and the Kneeling Milker

Dallas, the Queen of Hand Domination, is here for you guys. This beautiful MILF loves controlling cum filled cocks. This poor guy is bound to the Kneeling Milker. The D cup Dallas MILF was in control of his large cock, sucking the life from the enormous cock. She also gave him a slow handjob, once in a while beating the cock literally. This hardcore handjob ended, of course, with a post orgasm milking.  Check out handdomination.com updates for mare pics and see more sexy and slutty ladies take advantage of big cocks as they have all the fun that they can with them just for your viewing pleasure.


And this sexy mature blonde is no exception to the rule. You get to see her strap in her willing stud to the said device and she whips out his cock to start playing with it. See her being a bit more gentle as she kisses and caresses it first of all. Of course she wants it nice and hard before the real fun begins and you get to see just why. This superb blonde just loves to deep throat big cocks and this one wasn’t going to slip by her today. Watch her wrapping her juicy lips around it, and see her sucking on the man meat with a passion today. After her nice deep throat session she lets the guy blow his load in her mouth. Not enough? Click here, to see some extra scenes with hardcore handjobs for you!

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HandDomination – College crush

Check out this HandDomination hardcore scene! This gorgeous college girl has a new crush, this black bull cock that’s bounded to the MILKING chair. This chair is made specially to immobilize who ever is on it. The college hand domination expert is impressed by the enormous big chocolate tool. When she saw the powerful erection she couldn’t resist and started riding the large cock with her wet tight vagina. Enjoy this fresh update as you get to see one amazingly hot and sexy blonde having fun with a black dude and his nice and big cock today. So let’s get her superb show on the road.

The slutty babe like we said, tied up this stud to her little milking chair, and she just had all the fun that she could with him and his nice and big dick. See this gorgeous blonde as she strokes his hard and big dick with her small slutty hands and see her make him blow one load as the scene starts off. Then the sexy little cutie wants that dick in her pussy as well, so she gives him a good ride as well with her eager and wet cunt, and before the scene is over she gets off and starts stroking some more. And so she makes him blow his load a second time at the end of it all. Have fun with this gallery and enjoy it guys! You could also check out this nasty dominatrix using her lover as a sexual toy!


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Cameron and the MILKER

Hand Domination horny slut Cameron loves her cocks hard and large. The gorgeous MILF took advantage of her slave and satisfied all of her fantasies. She used the MILKER on her slave, disabling his arm and legs, only his cock being totally exposed. Cameron started teasing him with a handjob making his cock so hard that it wouldn’t go down. She watched him as the cock pushed out all the jizz, waiting until it was done cumming. Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing the full Handdomination gallery and watching this cute babe dominating this stud for the whole afternoon today everyone.


As the scene starts off, sexy miss Cameron makes sure that the guy is all tied up and restrained so that she may have all the fun that she wants with his big cock. Sit back and see her starting to rub and gently stoke his cock as he gets bigger and harder in her masterful and slutty little hands. We can honestly say that this cute babe will surely impress you with her scene so just sit back and watch her working that nice and hard shaft today. She gives him the hand job of a life time as she goes fast and hard on his cock and makes the guy blow his load all over himself and her sexy clothes this afternoon! If you wanna see other beauties jerking off big fat cocks, check out the http://girlsoutwest.net/ site and have fun inside it!

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Hand Domination – Ashlee and the glory hole

Hand Domination presents you Ashlee, our busty nineteen horny chick with double D’s tits. Ashlee was in control of the cock that poked through, the well known, glory hole. The busty teen showed off her amazing handjob techniques using this unguarded cock. The dick got hard quickly thanks to her all natural tits. Her heavy juggs and the firm strokes pushed the cock to the point of no return. Ashlee continued stroking the cock while fresh expelled sperm dripped from her huge juggs. Check out handdomination.com updates to see more! So let’s sit back and watch sexy Ashlee enjoy her time today.

She wants to demonstrate how to properly give a hand job to a guy and she has the dude in this nice little box with a hole with just his cock sticking out. Of course being the sexy and hot little lady that she is, this babe takes the time to show off her luscious and sexy tits to you guys and oil them up. Then she leans in close pressing her tits against the dick, and starts her little play session with it. Sit back and see her stroking that meat pole with her slutty and expert little hands today and enjoy seeing her make this guy jizz all over her big natural tits in this sexy and hot scene today. See you soon with more and makes sure that you stay tuned everyone! If you can’t wait until the next week’s update, check out the http://lustcinema.info site and see some gorgeous ladies offering amazing handjobs!


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HandDomination – Violet

Although Violet isn’t new in the business she didn’t saw another cock like this one. Our HandDomination slut was impressed by this black bull penis. She wrapped both of her hands around the enormous cock showing off her handjob skills. Violet milked the black cock with extreme force. This aggressive handjob slut stroked the spent dick long after the orgasm. She just adores playing with all the cum, rubbing her feet. Don’t miss the handdomination gallery and see one hot and sexy blonde as she gets to have lots of fun with a nice and big black cock for today everyone. So let’s get this show started.


Like we said, our babe for today is named Violet, and this sexy little blonde knows her way around a cock. Today we gave her a dude with a nice and big black cock to have fun with and this sexy little babe was simply overjoyed. Sit back and watch her get straight to work as she begins to stroke and rub that man meat with a passion. Rest assure that this guy never got to receive such a exquisite hand job from a cute woman thus far, and he liked it a lot. Watch the cute Violet have fun playing with that nice and hard cock and see her making the dude blow his load with her slutty little hands! See this female domination scene and make sure you’ll have some napkins around, cause things are going to be really messy!

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