Nikki and the sensitive penis

Hand Domination is back with a messy mew gallery. Nicole has a hard tool in front of her and it became harder and harder. Well, this one a a cock-hungry one and will take advantage of the fact that this dude is tied and bonded to satisfy her needs. First her pussy, then her slutty hands will make sure the cock is spewing all the cum. No further due, just sit back and watch her in action.

Well, Nikki accepted to go on camera only because she was very eager to take care of that dick and would have accepted anything to get to it. The big ass blonde lower her dripping tight pussy on the hard cock. After using the large cock to please her pussy, she returned to satisfying the fat cock. She slowly strokes it till thick white sperm poured from the huge tool. Watch her rubbing it hard and fast and bragging around with her talented hands. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by her performances. Just sit back there and watch her doing her thing on camera just for your entertaining tonight. Like always, enjoy! For similar content, check out the site and see some hot ebony chicks offering amazing handjobs!


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Hand Domination – Kriselle

Our updates have brought you Kriselle. She just couldn’t wait to put her hand on that huge tool. As she begun stroking the huge dick getting harder and bigger. She has some amazing skills in handjobing. I’m sure this one will make you pop a nice boner, so make sure you are comfortable and watch this amazing babe stroking and getting her tight wet pussy stuffed just for your viewing delight.

So Kriselle here found a nice hole in that bed and for sure was more then trilled to try the cock it was getting out from that hole. She took the lube out and started to rub that dick. The cum hungry princess continued stroking the hard cock after orgasm. She had mo mercy, stroking and stroking for more cum right after her pussy was stuffed, Kriselle hoping on top and riding that cock for awhile. I’m sure you will love her skills. She knows how to take care of one hard cock and also love to punish them even after they spew all the cum the balls ever held, also with her help. Without further due, sit back and drool. Also, check here another amazing scene starring naughty Kriselle. Enjoy!


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Talented Blonde

Our gallery presents you Vanessa, our hot babe that knows all kind of tricks. The gorgeous teen uses her hands and her toes on every single inch of that fat cock. She covered her hands and toes with lube and started the teasing. She is simple amazing and has some great skills, so sit back and watch her right away, no further due. This one simply is one of the best we has, it cannot be missed.

So there she is, taking off her panties and starting the action. The naughty teen will show her pussy while she is offering a nice special treatment to that hard tool. Watch her going up and down on that dick using her feet, than stroking it hard with her slutty hands. The cum thirsty babe squeezes all the sperm from the hard tool after gong faster and harder on it and it seems like that part was the part she was waiting for. The talented blonde was after that load from the very beginning. Watch her taking it all on her hands and on those talented feet. Just make yourself comfortable and watch her in action. She’ll give you wet dreams, trust me! Enjoy!


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Hand Domination- Latina babe

Hand Domination brought you one talented gal to show her skills. Stella has two large tool under her control. The difference between the two tools is noticeably. Our Latina babe is disgusted by that small cock and starts stroking it as roughly as possible. This crazy Latina chick will brag tonight with her skills, so I’m sure you are ready to enjoy some fresh action. Just make comfortable and enjoy her!hand-domination-one-babe-two-cocks

Stella was here before and we all know how talented she is. She also loves hard and huge cocks, not the small ones, that why tonight she will punish that small dick, slapping it and stroking it hard until it spray warm jizz on her hands. After a hard work, Stella’s hands are all covered with sperm. Two lucky dudes are in the hand tonight and she manage to take good care of both, making the cumming for her and punishing their cocks. She is one of the naughtiest we had around here, so don’t even think to skip this one. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by her performances as she’ll milk two hard cock on cameras just for your viewing delight. After both tools are done cumming she releases the slaves. Enjoy!

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Naughty blonde plays with big cock

Hi there, guys and gals! I know that you were all waiting for our weekly hand domination scene. We are going to spoil you with one amazing scene as this naughty little blonde is playing around with one huge black cock. The sizzling chick truly loves massive piece of meat and she will do her thing on camera only for you tonight. Just sit back there and get ready to pop a boner on this one.

Well, there is no secret that blondes prefers only big thick cocks for stuffing their holes, but this chick has a truly passion for them. You will see how eager she is to play with that cock from the moment cameras start to roll. I’m sure that this is exactly what you all were looking for tonight she came here just for you. We caught every second on camera and you are about to enjoy it in a couple of moments. Grab a seat and watch her rubbing her slutty little hands all over that huge hard cock, going all the way to the balls while the other hand is squeezing the balls. She will not stop until she makes that dick spewing all the cum the balls ever hold. Enjoy that moment! Also, watch here slutty Lexi during her first adult experience.


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Glory hole hands domination

Hello once again and welcome back! Another great day and we are here to entertain you once again. I’m sure that you will have wet dreams after watching this and your cock will beg you to jerk off these little sluts. They are going to milk that cock and will take all the cum they can get. Well, without further sit back there and watch them doing their thing.

As the cameras start to roll the two dominatrix babes are starting to rub that dick slowly in the beginning, then faster and harder until it gets as hard as a rock. The little sluts are also squeezing the balls while going up and down on that cock and in the end will get what they crave from the very beginning: some nasty creamy jizz all over their boobs. Watch them taking that cum on their round tits, dribble of jizz running down their juggs. Before that you will see them also licking that cock and sucking on it like there no tomorrow. For sure they love to feel a fresh cock on their talented mouth and will do anything to get their throat gagged every day. Enjoy the whole scene back on our website!


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Hand Domination – Tied to the table

Another great week and we are back with a fresh update. Tonight a naughty blonde will keep you company as she recorded herself while taking care of one cock. That lucky bastard was tied one her living room table and the eager slut rub his dick until he spews all the jizz he got in the balls. I know that this is exactly what you are looking for, so grab a seat and enjoy her company.


So the skinny blonde picked up this dude in a bar, but he never expected to be treated like this. As they walked into her apartment, she convince him to put that cap on his head. She tied him on her table and he thought that it is only a game, but the blonde was pretty serious. She covered his mouth with the hand and with the other hand she rubbed his dick until it was as hard as a rock. She took care of that dick making it all throbbing and horny and she rubbed it fast until it spews a big load of nasty jizz. Watch her going all the way to the balls with her slutty little hands and stroking that dick as hard as she can. I’m sure that you will get a nice huge boner on this one, so without further due, cum inside and enjoy the whole episode back on our website. Also, stay tuned for fresh content as we will be back every week with new scenes.

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Sexy blonde teasing a cock

Here we are again and this night we will simply make your cock harder than ever. This handdomination scene is a nasty one, so get ready to enjoy creamy jizz and huge tits all in one place. This talented blonde will tease that cock until it spray a big load of jizz all over her tits and she will enjoy that a lot as she craved for the cum from the very beginning.

So the curvy blonde got the chance to play with one hard cock. That is what she always wanted and tonight we offered her this dude who was ready to leave his dick on her hands. Well, in my opinion that was a very clever choice. She is having some talented and she loves to tease. She will grab that dick in her hands and will go up and down on it, making it throbbing and hard as a rock. She will tease it until it spews a big load of jizz all over her huge tits. Then she will rub it on her boobs, putting it also between those juggs. I’m sure you don’t want to miss this one, so make yourself comfortable and watch her in action.


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Hot oily cock massage

Another great week and we are back with a fresh scene for all of you. Tonight a busty babe will give a nice oily massage to that hard dick and will rub it until it spews a big load of nasty jizz all over her boobs. This show is one of the hottest and it simply cannot be missed. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the scene right now.

Watch her starting by pouring some oil all over her huge tits. That oil will go right on that dick and the naughty babe will starts to rub it slowly. After she got it hard as she prefers, she rubbed it hard and fast, squeezing it as hard as she can. She put her tits all over it, then she licked on it because this curvy slut also loves to get her tongue fucked. She is truly a cock lover and that is very clear from the review of this video. So without anymore delays, grab a seat and watch her doing her thing on camera just for you. Enjoy her right away and if you want to see more, click here and watch slutty Angie milking two hard cocks.


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Hand Domination – Big cock for breakfast

Hello there, everyone! On tonight’s scene you will enjoy watching a hungry lady milking a lucky man’s cock for breakfast. It seems like she prefers fresh hard meat for breakfast better than toast and honey. The sizzling babe will pull down her top just to expose her juggs to that lucky man and also will taste a little that hard piece of dick. Enjoy her right away.

So the horny babe put her eyes on that waiter from the very first moment he took her order. She grabbed his dick when he came to bring her the wine and she squeeze it hard just to make it all hard as she prefers. Our naughty babe pulled her top down and showed her boobs to that lucky waiter. That was the moment he decided to take advantage of the fact that she is willing to offer him an orgasm, so he pulled down his pants and put his cock back on her hand. Enjoy the whole scene back on our website and see how this horny woman gets sprayed all over her face and her naked tits.


Watch this naughty babe squeezing out some man juice!

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